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That 70’s Show and Beyond – A Report from the Cleveland Creatives Meet-Up

Posted on 25 Oct 2013 in Backspace | 0 comments

A small but spirited group gathered at Mavis Winkle’s in Independence for the first Meet-Up of the Cleveland Creatives. 385b3a3Organized by photographer Jon DeVaul, conversations tended to begin with “so, that’s who you are!” followed  by a journey down memory lane. The great and near-great of Cleveland Creatives-past were fondly, and not so fondly, remembered. We took a mental tour of great creative watering holes (remember The Last Moving Picture Company? How about The Rusty Scupper?). We spotlighted the agencies aligned around Public Square and down Euclid Avenue.

But not all the discussion was confined to the past. The current state of rights and permissions for stock photography was a hot topic. And writing for a gender-neutral world received some attention, too.

The intrepid crew then finished their beverages, noshed the last of the appetizers and got the hell out of town before the storm got there.

Another Meet-Up will certainly take place, probably after the first of the year at a central location that is mutually inconvenient for all. (All roads lead to Independence.) We hope you’ll be able to attend.

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