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Design is an invitation

Copy is conversation

Marketing is a journey you make with your customer

Work Work Work

First you have to get their attention. Today’s Headlines:

The Adventure Factor
It’s not about you. Sorry, but it isn’t. It’s about your customer. It’s about finding ways to connect your product, your company, your brand with the value your customer cares about.

To get there, we use tools like our Orientation Guide, Message Mapping and Destination Documents. We get a sense of where you are. We understand your communication objectives. That’s what separates a true adventure from just wandering about aimlessly.

Then we go off in search of the unusual, the unexpected, the not-necessarily-totally-safe solutions that ultimately put your brand out in front of its competition.

We’ve been on this journey before. We travel light. We travel fast. Let’s go!

Advertising and marketing communication is, by and large, a collaborative process. A good creative session often means you can’t recall if the writer came up with the headline and the art director the visual, or if it was the other way around. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to work with many inspirational art directors whose work appears here. They include: David Flynn • Michelle Fairfax • Liz Poest at ipso •  Bob Bohach and Joe Kline at Richards • Greg Scheetz, Martin Shure and Ricky Williams at Talisker • Denise Ziganti • John Scavnicky, Grand Kollar and Len Blasko at Marschalk • Dave Hartzell and Larry O’Neal at Carr Liggett, and many more.

Let’s Talk

A group of creative professionals destined for adventures in marketing communications.

Who What Where When

Who is this Jeff Russell guy?


Jeff Russell is an award-winning writer and producer who has over 30 years of experience in all tactical forms of marketing communications. Jeff is an experienced, enthusiastic creative professional who can provide insightful communication strategies and creative work that stands out from the crowd.

What does he do?

(That depends on who’s asking.)

As a Freelance Resource
Jeff is a proven resource for advertising agencies, production companies and corporations for assignments in branding and brand strategy, message mapping, copywriting, scriptwriting, broadcast production, training and instructional design, public relations and all tactical forms of marketing communications.

He’s the guy you call when a project is already late or a staff is already overburdened and you need someone who can come in, get up to speed in a hurry, deliver great results and then vanish into the night.

With Companions on Board
Jeff Russell + Companions is a fluid and flexible crew that works with companies of all sizes to address the challenges of branding, marketing communications strategy and tactics.

We can be part of a team. We can be the team.

Services Include:


Where has he worked?

Many places you’ve probably heard of:
Dow Chemical • General Electric • Sherwin-Williams • ABB • OMNOVA Solutions • Parker Hannifin • Analog Devices • Nestlé • Union Pacific Railroad • Procter & Gamble • Ernst & Young • American Greetings • Arby’s • Tremco • Sterling Jewelers • Rockwell Automation • Virginia Hospital Center • Delta Faucet • Cleveland Museum of Natural History • Intuit

And many companies who are known by their peers and respected by their competitors (you just haven’t heard of them):
Sierra Systems • Quest Construction Products • PMI Industries • Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation • Gilmour Academy • Ohio Awning • Natrol • Borger Management • St. John’s College High School • EYE Lighting • Foseco • Counterpath • The Extended Classroom • The Community of Saint John • Terra Real Estate Development • Laidlaw Transportation • University of Richmond • Nova Southeastern School of Law • Sinn & Company • Shaker Consulting Group • Fred Baker Porsche Audi • Zeppe’s Pizza

So… to sum up:
B2B • B2C • B2JAA (Just About Anyone)
High Tech • Healthcare • Education • Food • Retail • Consulting and Business Services • Banking and Financial Services • Chemicals • Manufacturing • Construction • Community Development • Charities • Museums • Energy and Utilities • JAA (Just About Anything)

When can we talk?


Today is good for me. How about you?

Let’s Talk

I tell people that what I do is like being in college, perpetually. I get to learn about technologies and processes and industries and business models from some really smart people. What a great ride!

A Piece of My Mind

Life is a game… the object of which is to discover the object of the game.


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